Nicks, chips, and dry time are a thing of the past with this new service. With over 200 colors to choose from, Chip-Proof nail color is a hybrid between nail lacquer and gel. The result is a durable thin coating that lasts up to two weeks.

Our Chip-Proof Manicure includes nail shaping, intensive cuticle clean-up, color or French finish Chip-Proof application, and hydrating hand massage.

Chip-Proof with color .................. $37
Chip-Proof with French .............. $43
Chip-Proof Removal Only .......... $10
Chip-Proof Removal w/Service ... $7
Chip-Proof Q & A
What type of client is Chip-Proof Manicure best for?
A chip-proof manicure is for women who want to keep their natural nails but want more durability than nail polish can offer.

What does a ChipProof Manicure include?
It includes nail shaping, intensive cuticle clean-up, Chip-Proof Color or French Finish application, and a hydrating hand massage.  

What is Chip-Proof Color exactly?
A Chip-Proof nail color is a “hybrid” of nail polish and gel. This patent-pending UV3 technology combines the ease of polish with the permanence of gels-creating the First Hybrid Nail Color. This is a true innovation in chip-free, extended-wear color.
Does wearing Chip-Proof coating damage my nails?
Improper removal can damage nails. Do not peel off coating. Instead, follow our removal instructions if you need to do this yourself.

How many Chip-Proof nail colors are available? 
Sarabella Nail Studio carries over 100 colors by Shellac, Gelish, and OPI for Chip-Proof Manicures.

Are Chip-Proof Manicures available in a French Finish?
Yes, and it is beautiful.

Can I remove my Chip-Proof Manicure at home?
Yes, we have kits available for customers who would like to do their own removal at home.